New private lending company led by Founder and President Andrew Weissman slashes closing times and cuts paperwork for borrowers seeking quick closings and unconventional deals

Say Goodbye to Fear of Missing Out

Investors Rely on Lightspeed Lending to Obtain Capital, Fast

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Every day seems to bring new headlines about how hot the real estate market is. The stories of unprecedented sales, per-square-foot records broken in the most coveted neighborhoods, and the most desirable properties being snapped up in days – the stories keep coming. An article in Curbed calls the current market “berserk”. “Be prepared to battle,” advises an expert in The New York Times. Along with these headlines comes FOMO: fear of missing out.

So many would-be investors take themselves out of the running – not because they don’t act fast, but because they can’t. These days, you can’t even get a seat at the negotiating table without cash in hand. More than 50 percent of 2021 home sales in West Palm Beach have been in cash. Miami notched similar numbers.

Sellers want to close fast because they know they can in this market. They don’t want to hear about contingent sales, financing or red tape. If they don’t hear two things from the prospective buyer – speed and ease – they move on.

Lightspeed Lending removes FOMO by delivering the closest thing to a cash deal out there. Instead of waiting weeks or months for financing, Lightspeed Lending can help investors close a deal in seven to ten business days. That’s because Lightspeed is a private lender, meaning you don’t have to gather the paperwork that a conventional lender requires: no submitting pay stubs, tax returns or W2 forms.

“The bottom line is we get you your money faster and more effectively than anyone else,” said Lightspeed Lending’s Founder and President Andrew Weissman. He should know: Weissman launched his first multimillion dollar business when he was just 18 and shifted to real estate and private lending when he saw a landscape of opportunity. “They say timing is everything with real estate, and our ability to close fast will get you into this hot market right when you want to be there.”

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About Lightspeed Lending

Founded by Andrew Weissman, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in real estate investment, Lightspeed Lending loans money for residential bridge loans, fix & flip loans, rental loans, and construction loans. Offices at 499 E. Palmetto Park Road, Suite 226, Boca Raton, FL 33432. Contact Andrew Weissman at 954-444-7928 or visit

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